Excerpts From The Case Files Of Haunted House Investigations

Some of these stories are not for the faint of heart. Most of the stories below are from the most extreme and disturbing cases I have seen so far. On the other hand, some of them are also from the most enjoyable adventures that I have had.

You will find a mix of the many different experiences and situations that I have encountered in my journeys. Various case files will take you through different haunted houses, and in some we will explore haunted places other than homes and structures.

Except in the case of public events or organizations that have publicly acknowledged such occurrences, I will not be specific on the location or the people involved. Thier identities will remain private.

For anyone considering investigating a haunted house, starting a practice of investigating haunted houses, I would suggest caution and that you consider the warnings and sitations in these case files very seriously.

An Abandoned Home - A Family Problem

This is one of the most bizarre and unresolved cases that I have been involved in. It is also the first one that left me with a scar and a few stitches. In short, this was no ordinary haunted house. The forces haunting this place were very dangerous.

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A Skeleton Under the Floor Boards

I don't know just how to describe this one. I can say that it was truly a test of nerve; the level of fear this place was able to inspire was extreme. A case with physical manifestation and minor physical injury during the investigation.

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