Types of Paranormal Activity Commonly Encountered In Haunted Places

With hauntings it is relatively easy to classify the situation into a general cause-and-effect category, and by doing so it makes it much easier to determine the most appropriate course of action to rectify the situation.

It is important to conduct a systematic investigation of the paranormal activity present, and as a result, to formulate an appropriate plan of action. Otherwise, it can be all too easy to find ourselves caught up in the mystery and adventure of the “Haunted House" syndrome, which can actually make the problem worse.

By remaining objective, and following a standard course of investigation, we can more clearly view and handle the situation.

The categories I have listed below are the most broad that can be reasonably used. Step-by-Step we can investigate and step-by-step we become more focused and closer to the cause and a cure. By simply jumping into conclusions, we can easily miss the fundamental cause of a haunting, and end up with a situation that recurs, or one that becomes worse.

With the different 'categories' of paranormal activity listed below, as well as insights into how to handle these situations, it is my hope that you will have information and tools at your disposal that will assist you in handling whatever situations you may face.

One of the keys to determining the type of haunting present is to analyze the paranormal activity presented by the situation. Spirit hauntings will often exhibit and emotional or identifiable pattern that we understand and identify with.

Entity hauntings on the other hand my produce paranormal activity that is not actually logical or familiar to us at first, yet will begin to make sense and show patterns.

Energy hauntings tend to produce paranormal activity that may not always be random as such, but instead will tend towards erratic.


Spirit Haunting

A spirit haunting is caused by a human spirit. Non-Human intelligences are dealt with under "Entity Haunting". There is a very real and very big difference between these two, though the paranormal activity produced by both is very similar.

There are many good examples, as well as some bad ones, of human spirit hauntings. The exact cause is situation specific and cannot be easily generalized. Each such haunting requires its own individual exploration and handling. Consider the unique nature of the human spirit and mind.

Even if two hauntings are identical in reason, effect and location, each human spirit is different (unless it is the same person again -- a clear indication that previous actions taken to rectify the situation have failed). These differences, no matter how drastic or subtle, make each human-spirit haunting require dedicated attention and its own solution.

Of course, it is still possible for a good number of human-spirit hauntings to be remedied quickly and easily. If we go in with an open mind and a flexible approach, it is likely that the problem can be cured within a few hours or over a few visits of a few hours each.

Spirit hauntings can be extremely varried simply by the variance in human emotion and motivation. It is also true that even after we do clear up the problem, residual paranormal activity may continue for a while. Keeping up on the cleansing process is extremely important, as is dealing with the emotional and psychological impact the haunting may have had on those involved.

Psychosomatic hauntings often occur as a result of people having too much emotional baggage or emotional scaring after facing an overly emotional spirit haunting. Care must be taken to prevent this from happening.


Entity Haunting

Let us use the term "entity" to refer to non-human intelligences. While this kind of haunting can appear to be almost identical to "spirit" hauntings, we should accept that there can be minor differences that will make a big difference in the end: a good approach to take.

Entities often have motives, emotions, and reactions that are much like those of normal people; this means that we must be careful. While these are "non-human" entities, this does not mean that we are able to treat them with any less respect. That is the most common mistake I have seen made in the handling of such non-human hauntings. Even the ugliest and meanest must be treated with an element of respect.

Please remember that this does not mean oozing kindness or sympathy. It simply means that we don't have the right to treat any intelligent being with malice, cruelty, disrespect or to use other degrading tactics.

So, let's approach this from a different angle. Why lower ourselves to the level of an "evil" or "negative" entity? All we'll be doing is degrading and diminishing ourselves, generating negative energy and perhaps breaking the very "blessings" that we are using to clean the house. After all, it makes very little sense to try to cleanse a haunted house using hate, malice or viciousness. In fact, it is most likely that we will only weaken ourselves, and strengthen the entity.

Remember that not all entities are bad. Often times, non-human entities can be treated in almost the same manner as normal human-spirit hauntings. The energy make-up, and fundamental motivations may differ, but not enough to make a big difference in most cases. Indeed, we are talking about a non-human that is haunting a human region. Think about that for a second: spirits can find it terrifying; now imagine the possible impact on a foreign intelligence trapped in this way.

Entity hauntings can be difficult to handle because while they often produce paranormal activity similar to that of a spirit haunting, the psychology of the situation may be radically different than we are accustomed to.


Energy Haunting

Energy hauntings can be the most fun. They are nothing more than collections of energy, with no real conscious intelligence. Of course, they can exhibit the behavior of other types of hauntings, especially spirit or entity hauntings. Over time, the energy collects from various sources and events, slowly (or, under some circumstances, quite quickly) producing enough energy to start randomly causing manifestations.

 As time passes, and the proximity to living people and other intelligent forces accumulate, the energy will begin to mimic those essences. It is possible that over a long period of time, energy collection and exposure, such an essence could possibly take on its own existence and life.

Energy hauntings can be one of the most difficult types of paranormal activity to properly identify. As it often mimics spirit or entity hauntings it can be all to easy to be mislead into getting wrapped up in a situation that is only a mirage, often causeing the situation to worsen.


Psychosomatic Haunting

Psychosomatic hauntings are simply a figment of a person's imagination. This is the most fragile situation you can run into with respect to hauntings, and at the very least, it is one of the most volitile.

A psychosomatic haunting can simulate any type, or types, of real hauntings. It can also produce visible effects much like a real haunting, except that in this case the disturbances are unknowingly caused by the person being haunted and not by any actual outside force.

Often the paranormal activity produced by these hauntings will continue to manifest after being cleansed. The only way to truly dispel this type of haunting is to build the confidence and faith of the person that is haunted. Since it is thier own mind causing the disturbance, thier own belief that it has ended is the only real way to end the haunting.


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